Amazing by simplicity


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What's so simple about it?

Everything! All in this website has been engineered to work, and to work well. A vast experience building and using websites shows us the way to a perfect CMS/web experience. Our goal is to build robust websites in the inside and smooth on the surface.


This website has a content type for each purpose, so you can serialise your content in a logical way finding each piece of the website in the right order and location, no tricks, no rules to remember.


In this website you will use Menus separately, Content separately, Tags separately... we have eliminated any possible confusion.


The backend of a CMS is vital on your daily use. You can access easily all the fundamental parts of your sites using different and logical paths, for instance you have general content lists where you can quickly edit nodes without losing time at all, or you can access each node from the live site by clicking an "edit" tab and saving your changes.