How do I buy this template then?

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1- Purchase your THIS CO. website at our site

Go to the "websites' section on our website and select the THIS CO. site. Add some extras to your site if you need them and simply follow the shopping process.

2- Next 24hrs

Within the next 24hrs we'll set up your new site in a staging server. You will receive your credentials to administer the site and in this temporary server we both will work on the final version of the site.

You will also have access to your account at the The Very Little Agency's web, where you will be able to follow our work and to communicate directly with your assigned Project Manager.

3- Site deployment

When you say the site is ready, that is: when all the content is created and the changes you requested to your Project Manager, then we'll move the site to the final server and link your domain with the new site.
In this last process we'll also:
+ connect the site with the Google Analytics account (we'll set it up for you in case you don't have one)
+ Submit the first Sitemap to Google
+ Submit the site to be indexed
+ Release the site to the public.

It was about time for you to work together with a real Online Agency, we are sure you are going to like the experience.