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The TVLA service

We love what we do, and that's the first thing you will notice when you start working with us.

We are proud to say we care for your project, your business and you from the first moment you hire us... We like to find the best solution for each case, we like to deliver a friendly service but what's most important: a professional one.

Ongoing Developments & Updates

Technology changes really fast, normally 1 year after launching a new and modern website there are some new effects, designs or plugins out there that makes your site look a bit outdated.

To solve this we've made a calendar of developments for the THIS CO. website. At least 2 a year we will offer our customers new features for their sites... features that can make their sites look better, work better or be more efficient.

These features will be completely free for those customers who sign up for the maintenance module through our website.

About our Agency

In The Very Little Agency you can find a small group of experienced marketing guys, some bright graphic designers and tough web developers capable of delivering your project in a way our competitors simply can't: with style, with art, with efficiency and proved experience.

How will we (you and us) work together?

1- Purchase your THIS CO. website at our site

Go to the "websites' section on our website and select the THIS CO. site. Add some extras to your site if you need them and simply follow the shopping process.

2- Next 24hrs

Within the next 24hrs we'll set up your new site in a staging server. You will receive your credentials to administer the site and in this temporary server we both will work on the final version of the site.