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It's Drupal

Drupal is made, designed and maintained by more than 30.000 devoted professional developers and tested by a community of over a million active users (web developers mainly) so that you can enjoy a cutting edge technology for free.

Ongoing Developments & Updates

Technology changes really fast, normally 1 year after launching a new and modern website there are some new effects, designs or plugins out there that makes your site look a bit outdated.

To solve this we've made a calendar of developments for the THIS CO. website. At least 2 a year we will offer our customers new features for their sites... features that can make their sites look better, work better or be more efficient.

These features will be completely free for those customers who sign up for the maintenance module through our website.

Features, A quick look


THIS CO. has been built (like all our websites) upon the amazing Drupal 7 CMS, the best Content Management System out there. Drupal is an open-source CMS developed and maintained by thousands of the best web programmers in the world. If your website is Drupal, your web is future-proof.


You can customise the backend of your website as you need, add, remove or change the forms you use daily to create your content... and managing your content, menus, tags, files cannot be easier and smarter.

Amazing by simplicity

What's so simple about it?

Everything! All in this website has been engineered to work, and to work well. A vast experience building and using websites shows us the way to a perfect CMS/web experience. Our goal is to build robust websites in the inside and smooth on the surface.


This website has a content type for each purpose, so you can serialise your content in a logical way finding each piece of the website in the right order and location, no tricks, no rules to remember.

THIS CO. suits every business

The THIS CO. template has been designed to fit almost any need, with a front page that categorises your content from top to bottom or a very clean branding framework to help you build up your corporate image without obstacles.

This site is perfect for almost any purpose, just visualise it with your colors, your texts, your changes... we'll make it unique and totally personal with just some minor tweaks (remember our basic plan already includes a handful of hours of a dedicated programmer at your service).